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About INVie

Pharmacy Inventory Management System
Streamline your pharmacy ordering workflow

♦ Software that digitizes and replaces paper inventory request workflows ("want" book) while making no sacrifices in speed or ease-of-use ♦ Utilizes a barcode reader, barcodes, and a fine-tuned drug database to improve the accuracy of requests and ordering ♦ Provides real-time updates regarding the status of requests ♦ Encourages tighter inventory control by allowing Requesters to know exactly how much they are requesting ♦ Allows Approvers to communicate drug backorders, delays, and recalls ♦ Saves time by • Eliminating need for reordering stickers • Reducing manual entry into wholesaler ordering systems • Providing answers to common questions such as, “was it ordered,” “when was it last ordered,” and “how many were ordered?” ♦ Reduces overstocking and drug waste by warning Requesters of recent requests ♦ Fast and easy implementation, no build required, begin saving time and money in less than one day!