INVie Privacy Policy

Revised 4/13/2018

This Policy outlines the User-Created Data and information that activeHX accesses or collects.

  1. Software Data. Remotely through INVie’s cloud service, activeHX only has access to the institution’s name.
  1. Privately Stored Software Data. All other User-Created Data is stored privately on the device and cloud internet service. No other party will be able to electronically access User-Created Data, except by the cloud service provider for the purposes of law enforcement.
  1. Data Collected With Consent. activeHX may request (verbally or in writing from the PIC or a representative of the PIC, such as a supervisor or charge pharmacist) to transcribe User-Created Data and/or institution-specific information (such as workflow, inventory status, available hardware resources, etc.) for the purposes of INVie support, maintenance, or service improvement. In no case shall activeHX access, share, or collect User-Created Data for advertising or marketing.
  1. Data Collected Through Course of Business. Through direct interactions and business communications, activeHX may collect information such as names, positions, phone numbers, and/or email addresses of users.
  1. Information Collected for Promotional Purposes. Individuals may be asked to provide written statements regarding their use of INVie. These individuals may decline participation at any time. With written permission from the individual, the individual’s name, statement, and affiliation with the institution may be used on promotional materials for INVie.
  1. Data Breach. The PIC and/or designee of the PIC will be notified by email of any known data breach within 72 hours.
  1. Changes to Privacy Policy. The PIC and/or designee of the PIC will be notified by email of any changes to this Policy within 96 hours.
  1. All Parties With Potential Access To or Possession of User-Created Data:
    • activeHX
    • Apple, Inc. (only in the case of law enforcement)